Residential swimming pool servicing and maintenance

Let The Pool Man take the stress out of owning a swimming pool by taking care of your regular pool maintenance and servicing. That means you can enjoy the benefits of having a pool without all the hard work.

We work on all types of pools; above ground and in ground pools; concrete, plastic, tiles and marble pools. We’re Auckland’s pool servicing and repair specialists.

Pool valet service – from green to clean and nothing in-between

We offer both casual and regular scheduled pool valet services. We’ll tailor your pool maintenance and servicing to suit your individual needs.

Swimming pool services include:

  • Water analysis and monitoring – monitoring chlorine levels, checking and adjusting as required, swimming pool pH levels, calcium levels, alkalinity and cyanuric acid levels, and salt percentage.
  • Full pool cleaning service – pool vacuum, brush and scoop.
  • Equipment cleaning and maintenance – cleaning of all skimmers and pump baskets. Backwash pool sand filters.
  • Cleaning of pool surfaces – brushing of pool sides and cleaning tiles. Removal of scum build-up etc.
  • General check of all pool equipment – including: swimming pool pumps, filters, heaters. Checking for leaks etc.
  • Advise of any swimming pool maintenance issues – remember, maintenance of equipment is less expensive than repairs when that equipment breaks down. We can check your entire swimming pool system and advise you of any up-coming maintenance.
  • Swimming pool chemicals and cleaning equipment The Pool Man carries a full range of chemicals and cleaning equipment to ensure your swimming pool water is always sparkling clean. we use our own cleaning equipment and carry all necessary swimming pool chemicals.
  • Detailed swimming pool report – we leave a detailed written report after every visit

Swimming pool equipment maintenance and repairs

When you strike a problem with your swimming pool equipment, call the experts at The Pool Man for all pool equipment repairs throughout Auckland. We’re quick, efficient and affordable.

Swimming pool repair and maintenance services include:

  • Servicing equipment – swimming pool pumps and heat pumps (hot water pumps), swimming pool filters, dosing equipment and automatic pool cleaners.
  • Leak repairs – broken pipes, leaking pool pumps, swimming pool leak repairs and underwater pool repairs.
  • Anything related to your swimming pool – The Pool Man can assist with all things related to your swimming pool. Phone The Pool Man for pool repairs throughout Auckland.

Swimming pool equipment supply and installation

We supply and install only the best brands of swimming pool accessories and equipment including:

  • Pumps and filters
  • Swimming pool chemicals
  • Automatic dosing systems
  • Automatic pool cleaners
  • Swimming pool cover systems
  • Heaters

The Pool Man – Auckland pool servicing and repair specialists.