Experts in Pool Repairs & Servicing

The Pool Man offers a complete mobile swimming pool repair service throughout Auckland, including:

Pool repairs | Leak detection and repair | Equipment and Accessory repair

We work on any sized above ground or in-ground, concrete, tile, or marble pool.

Pool Repairs

Not only do cracks, chips, and wear and tear impact on your enjoyment of your pool, a damaged or worn pool interior also increases your pool maintenance expenses and can cause expensive chemicals and water to be lost. A damaged pool interior puts you, your friends, and family at risk of cuts and abrasions while swimming, making it a less than fun place to enjoy some leisure time.

We offer a comprehensive Auckland swimming pool repair service for concrete pools.

Pool Service and Repair

Pool Repair Services Include

Leak Detection & Repair

When it comes to swimming pools, a small leak can quickly become a big problem. Because your swimming pool contains thousands of litres of water, even a small leak can result in significant damage to your house and property, and to your neighbour’s.

Even if you only suspect your swimming pool may be leaking, call The Pool Man immediately. Over time, swimming pool leaks will typically get worse and become more costly to repair. If not dealt with ASAP, they may undermine the pool’s sand base and foundations.

We have extensive experience in swimming pool repairs. We will locate the leak and provide you with an estimate of how much it will cost to repair. We can often repair leaks without having to empty the pool.

Swimming pool leak detection

Pool Leak Detection & Repair Services Include

  • Cracks or holes in your swimming pool
  • Expansion joint repairs, cracking repairs
  • Broken pipes
  • Leaking pumps or other swimming pool equipment

Swimming Pool Equipment Repair

Noisy swimming pool pump? Water not heating properly? Dirt and debris accumulating in your pool? If there is something wrong with your swimming pool equipment, contact The Pool Man for expert pool repairs.

Our highly experienced mobile pool repairers are experts at diagnosing and repairing faulty pool equipment. And, if your equipment has come to the end of its use, we supply and install most brands of new pool equipment, including pool pumps and pool heat pump installation.

We also install, repair and reset pool automation systems. Keeping your swimming pools safe, hygienic and sparklingly clear is easy with off-site pool automation – you can control your cleaning, pumps, lighting and more from anywhere in the world.

Swimming pool equipment repair

Pool Equipment Diagnosis & Repair Services Include

  • Pool pump repairs
  • Pool filter repairs
  • Pool heater repairs
  • Cleaning system repairs, including robotic cleaners & vacuums
  • Sanitiser system repairs, including auto-chlorinators & chemical dosing systems
  • Sand changes / filter changes / glass filter changes
  • Pool automation systems – install, repair and reset
  • Water jets
  • Pool lighting
  • Pipework
  • All swimming pool equipment
Swimming pool and spa pool equipment upgrades

Swimming pool equipment upgrades

It’s easier to maintain your equipment than to replace it or repair it, however, should your pool equipment need replacing, we install and supply a range of pool equipment and products throughout Auckland, including:

  • complete swimming pool filtration systems,
  • pool skimmers,
  • swimming pool pump systems including all pipe work equipment
  • pool heaters/pool heat pumps

All equipment comes with the appropriate advice and recommendations for optimal use.

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