Swimming Pool Products

The Pool Man provides pool cleaning and maintenance services throughout Auckland.  We also supply, install, and service most major brands of swimming pool equipment and accessories, including:

Pool pumps, filters and heaters | Pool cleaning equipment and chemicals | Pool supplies and features

If you need to upgrade your pool equipment, we stock an extensive range of brands and models to cater to your every need. Give us a call – our experienced team of pool technicians can advise you on the best swimming pool equipment for your situation and install it for you.

Auckland Swimming Pool Products and Accessories

Pool Pumps, Filters, and Heaters

We supply, install, service and repair most major brands of:

  • Swimming pool pumps – including the latest energy-saving pumps
  • Pool filters – media filters including sand filters, glass filters, cartridge filters and DE filters. We supply and install all filter media including diatomaceous earth and replacement filter cartridges, sand, glass beads and Zeolite, and all pool filter equipment, such as hoses etc.
  • Swimming pool heaters – including hot water heat pumps, solar pool heaters and gas pool heaters, as well as heating supplies and accessories such as pool covers and rollers
  • And, we supply and install the latest swimming pool automation systems so you can control all of your pool equipment from a smart device or phone without even leaving your chair
Pool Cleaning Products Robot Cleaner

Pool Cleaning Equipment and Chemicals

Pool cleaning can take a lot of time out of your weekend. We can supply and install pool cleaning equipment that is efficient, reliable and fits your budget. Our complete range of pool cleaning equipment and chemicals includes:

  • Automatic pool cleaners – robotic pool cleaners, pool suction cleaners to clean your swimming pool’s floor and walls
  • Pool cleaning equipment – pool skimmers and vacuums
  • Pool chlorinators and chemical dosing units to ensure your pool is sanitised and safe to swim in
  • Swimming pool chemicals – we supply all types of swimming pool chemicals including pool clarifiers and algaecides – everything you need to keep your swimming pool water sparkling and clean
  • Swimming pool automation systems so you can control your pool without even leaving your chair
  • And, we have a full range of filters and skimmer and pump or leaf and debris baskets
Swimming pool Accessories

Pool Accessories and Features

The Pool Man supplies and installs a large range of pool accessories and pool features so your pool not only provides hours of leisure, it looks great as well. Our swimming pool accessory range includes:

  • Pool scoops, telescopic poles, brushes, vacuum hoses and hand-held cleaning equipment,
  • Pipes, fittings, and swimming pool plumbing accessories and parts
  • Skimmer debris baskets, and skimmer boxes and lids
  • Swimming pool covers and cover rollers
  • Robotic cleaners

Our swimming pool features can transform your pool into the highlight of your garden; features include:

  • Pool lighting, including multi-coloured LED lighting
  • Water falls
  • Fountains